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The Revolutionary Algorithm DMNA
Reduces CPU Load and Increases Speed of Image Processing.

The revolutionary algorithm DMNA (Digital Media New Algorithm) utilizes mathematical methods and has simplified various operations. By combining Dragon 1-5 methods: factorization, lapel operations, hierarchical structure and others, we have succeeded in removing all the tedious calculations in the algorithm, such as DCT and ME, and so have significantly reduced the operation load.

Features of DMNA

Lower Power Consumption Decreased operation frequencies of CPU by approximately 1/3 and realized significant reduction in power consumption.
Higher speed Increase frame rate (number of picture pages) without increasing frequency of CPU.
High picture quality Made processing of large picture size possible without changing operation frequency of CPU.

DMNA Components

Dragon 1: Factorization Simplifies calculations through factorization. Greatly reduces the number of operations.
Dragon 2: Grapes Reduces the number of operations by lapelling, and reducing number space.
Dragon 3: Hierarchical Structure (1) Prioritizes and conducts only necessary calculations by creating hierarchy to optional expressions.
Hierarchical Structure (1)
Dragon 3: Hierarchical Structure (2) Simplifies calculations by creating hierarchies for complicated calculus.
Hierarchical Structure (2)
Dragon 4: Conversion of Functions Efficiently converts each function.
Conversion of Functions
Dragon 5: Coding Embeds complicated coded data without increasing amount of data.




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