Technical innovation is rapidly progressing in this era where the whole world is interconnected by networks.
Our daily life and corporate business models are about to undergo drastic changes through the introduction of various new technologies. 

In June 2000, TMC (Techno Mathematical Co., Ltd.) was founded to realize customers’ satisfaction by offering differentiated technology for our society’s drastically changing needs. 

Our management policy is “Challenge, Change and Continue”.
Our policy is Challenge & Change and Continue That is, we aim continuously to be the challenger, taking up new challenges even under difficult circumstances, rather than developing technology in a structured environment. Furthermore, our goal is to open up new markets in an ever-changing society with flexibility and creativity.
We are striving to be a pioneer with a wide perspective – bold enough to take the risk of going to where others have not yet reached, and dedicate ourselves to continuously developing and providing advanced technology that meets the needs of a comfortable and prosperous society. 

High-grade technology and solutions for your success and satisfaction

We are confident in our sincere attitude and devotion to technology, and hope that you might utilize our high quality technology and solutions for your business success and satisfaction.

-CEO & President
Masafumi Tanaka, Ph.D.

Masafumi Tanaka, Doctor of Engineering, Visiting Professor, University of Tokyo

After graduating from the university in 1971, Dr. Tanaka worked for four companies over a period of more than twenty years, developing processors and LSIs for image processing. In his university laboratory, he has been working on multi-dimensional mathematical equations and has been developing new signal processing algorithms. He has also studied as a researcher at laboratories in Freiburg, Germany and Palo Alto, USA. During this time, he invented the cell-based design method for LSIs, developed the 8-bit microcomputer that led to the huge success of home video game consoles, and developed image processing algorithms that have an overwhelming share of the market for digital cameras.