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Management Philosophy and Code of Conduct

March 12, 2008
Techno Mathematical Co., Ltd.

1. Management Philosophy

Challenge & Change & Continue

To always be a challenger, we are taking on new challenges even under difficult circumstances and exploring new markets with flexible responses and ideas in an ever-changing society. With a broad perspective, we will continue to be the first runner to confront new fields that no one else has yet tackled.

Success and satisfaction to customers

To achieve business success and satisfaction of our customers by providing high quality solutions using our proprietary technologies.

Impressing people with quality

To continue to impress people around the world with high-quality products.

2. Code of Conduct

A corporation is an economic entity that pursues profits through fair competition, and at the same time, it must be a contributing one to society. Therefore, based on the following seven principles, Techno Mathematical shall value human rights, comply with relevant laws and regulations, international rules and their spirit, and act on our own initiative for sustainable development with social common sense, whether inside or outside the country.

Improving customer satisfaction

We will develop and provide socially valuable products and services with due consideration for safety and the protection of personal and customer information, and earn the satisfaction and trust of consumers and customers.

Fair corporate activities

We will engage in fair, transparent, and free competition and appropriate transactions. We will also maintain a sound and proper relationships with the government and political bodies.

Proactive disclosure of information

We will communicate not only with our shareholders but also with society, and disclose our corporate information in a proactive and fair manner.

Improving employee satisfaction

We will value the diversity, personality, and character of our employees, and ensure a safe and comfortable work environment that enables them to work at their best in order to achieve comfortable and affluent lifestyles for them.

Contribution to society

“As a good corporate citizen”, we will actively engage in social contribution activities, respect local cultures and customs, both in Japan and overseas, and conduct management that contributes to their development.

Valuing human rights

We will value the human rights of all people involved in our corporate activities and will not tolerate any discriminatory treatment.

Environmental Initiatives

We will act on our own initiative to contribute to building a sustainable society based on the recognition that tackling environmental problems is a common issue for all humankind and an essential requirement for the existence and activities of a company.

Top management shall recognize that it is its role to realize the spirit of this Charter, and shall take the initiative in ensuring that the spirit is thoroughly understood by people in the company, as well as by the group companies and business partners. In addition, top management shall constantly monitor internal and external opinions, develop effective internal systems, and ensure the thorough implementation of corporate ethics.
In the event of a situation that violates this Charter, top management shall make clear its own stance on resolving the problem, both inside and outside the company, and work to investigate the cause and prevent recurrence. In addition, top management shall disclose information promptly and accurately to society, fulfill its accountability, clarify its authority and responsibility, and take strict disciplinary action, including against itself.