Techno Mathematical Co., LTD. (TMC) will Unveil New Products at IBC 2019.

Techno Mathematical will exhibit its advanced products at IBC2019. We cordially invite you to take a detailed look at our products and discuss your business with our broadcast experts at our booth.

Compact IP Encoder / Decoder System

  •  Low latency and Low bit rate: 100msec and 3Mbps for full HD
  •  Decoder Software for iPad, iPhone & Apple TV are available.
  •  Tally/Intercom is supported as option.
  •  Typical application: return feed for live broadcasting, teleprompter and remote
    camera control system

SDR / HDR Conversion Software AI

  •  TMC’s original estimate engine with AI technology can presume the original
    luminance and color of the video content recorded in SDR format and extend each
    dynamic range and color gamut for up-converting to HDR format at high speed.
  •  Down-Conversion (HDR to SDR) is also supported.

 WiFi Sync Viewer

  •  Video and audio contents can be delivered to up to 50 tablets in real time
    synchronously without internet / LAN.
  •  Easy operation with power and 4 selectable feature buttons.
  •  5GHz Wi-Fi band is adopted in the system to avoid RFI (indoor use only).
  •  2X video input (switchable): 1080 60i or 1080 30p.

Frame Rate Up-Converter 4K RTL Core

  •  TMC’s unique “DMNA-MEMC” (Motion Estimation and Motion Compensation)
    algorithm is employed.
  •  Frame rate: Input = 24, 30, 48, 50, 60fps Output = Max. 240fps
  •  2:2 Pulldown and 2:3 Pulldown detection functions are implemented.
  •  FPGA implementation is possible.
  •  Multiple latency modes can be set.

4K HEVC Player for Main 4:2:2 10

  •  Media player for 4K 60p
  •  Small foot print and compact body
  •  Easy operation with OSD menu
  •  Network receive/play functions and storage data play functions

 8K to 4K/2K UHDTV Viewer for PC

  •  You can enjoy 8K UHDTV programs on PC monitor.
  •  Down conversion from 8K to 4K, 8K to 2K and 4K to 2K is also supported.
  •  22.2ch. audio data is decoded at a low CPU load.

DMNA (Digital Media New Algorithm) is our basic Technology

  •  Revolutionary Algorithm developed by TMC for compression and de-compression
    of video and audio data
  •  Effects of DMNA : Low Latency, Low Power Consumption, Low CPU Load, High
    Quality/Performance at Low Bit Rate
  •  DMNA technology will be available for Software IP, Hardware IP, LSI, System
    Solutions and Complete Products.