Product Overview

AES, an encryption algorithm replacing DES, was established in 2000 and is still used as a data concealment technology.

TMC has developed a high-speed AES and commercialized it as an IP. TMC’s AES is certified by NIST CAVP.

Product Number

  • TM2859


  • The NIST CAVP certification ensures high reliability and security.
  • High speed operation and real time processing can be applied to products that require high speed encryption.


Cryptographic Standards Compliant to NIST FIPS PUB 197
Certification NIST AES Algorithm Validation Cert. #3875
Encryption Mode ECB/CBC/OFB/CFB1/CFB8/CFB128
Bit Length Plaintext: 128 bits, Ciphertext: 128 bits, Key length: 128/192/256 bits
Throughput 1 round/clock

Block Diagram


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