JPEG XS Encoder/Decoder

Product Overview

In the field of the video, the image size, frame rate, and bit depth are expanding year by year, and increase of the data amount to be processed is also problems. In addition, there is a growing needs for low latency in applications such as remote control, automatic driving, virtual reality, and live streaming taking advantage of the features of 5G transmission paths.

TMC has developed and commercialized the IP for JPEG XS, a visually lossless and low latency mezzanine compression (light compression with a compression ratio of about 1/10) algorithm, as a very compact and high-speed compression IP.

Model Numbers

  • Encoder:TM2235, TM22325
  • Decoder:TM2236, TM22326


  • A visually lossless and low-latency mezzanine compression algorithm enables the stress-free transmission of high-definition images.
  • High speed processing is achieved by optimized encoding algorithm, keeping the high throughput performance.
  • A compact design made it possible to implement in inexpensive FPGAs to reduce the costs.
  • No need to use any external memory. This eliminates the need for complicated timing and memory bandwidth design.
  • Simple interface makes it easy to integrate and shortens the design time.


Compression Format JPEG XS (ISO/IEC21122-1)
Profile Light 422.10,  Light444.12, Main422.10, Main444.12, High444.12
Throughput 4pixel/clock
Image Size 8192 × 4320 pixel (max.)
Image Format RGB、YCbCr4:4:4/4:2:2/4:0:0
Bit Depth 8/10/12 bits
Compressed data size 1/2 to 1/20 (Variable depending on the target compressed data size setting)
Compression method CBR (Fixed by frame)
Interface Specification AXI4-Stream

This IP supports both color spaces of YCbCr and YUV.

Application Examples

Applications for Medical uses

JPEG XS for Medical uses

Applications for Infrastructure systems

JPEG XS for Infrastructure systems


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