Hands-Free Software

Product Overview

When making a call using a microphone and a speaker, such as in video conferencing systems and in-vehicle hands-free calling systems, the sound (echo) from the speaker to the microphone interferes with the call, and this echo needs to be eliminated.

In addition, since ambient noise is often input to the microphone in such systems, noise reduction processing is also required.
TMC has developed and commercialized a software IP that reduces echoes and noise to enable calls with high speech intelligibility. It is also useful as pre-processing for speech recognition during music playback.

Product Number

  • TM1809


  • Uses proprietary voice processing technology and no patent fees are required.
  • The echo canceller has an echo elimination performance of approximately 60 dB during single-talk, and even during double-talk, there is no switching sensation, allowing for natural conversation.
  • SNR improvement by noise suppressor can improve Speech Intelligibility in calls.
  • Useful as a preprocessor for speech recognition during music playback because it can reduce undesired echoes and noise.


Data Sampling Frequency 8k Hz, 16k Hz, 24k Hz, 32k Hz,  48k Hz
Input/Output Data Format 16-bit linear PCM (monaural)
echo elimination Approx. 60 dB (max.)
Erasable echo length Up to 128m sec (customizable)
Strength of background noise reduction 9 levels of adjustment

Block Diagram