JPEG2000 Encoder/Decoder

Product Overview

  • JPEG 2000 Software IP is an image compression/decompression software compliant to the JPEG 2000 standard (a highly efficient still image compression standardized in ISO/IEC 15444-1).
  • JPEG 2000 is used in various fields such as natural images, scientific images, medical images, computer graphics, etc.
  • It is possible to convert an image data to various resolutions, such as compact or normal resolution images for cell phones, and even high resolution images for printing.


  • Since this IP supports multi-core processors and also multi-threading, it  can realize the real-time playback of 2K and 4K resolution.
  • This IP is optimized for SSE4 and NEON, and it can be customized for various CPUs such as x86 and ARM processors.
  • Simple API functions shorten the time required for integration into applications.



  • Supports Digital Cinema 2K/4K Profile and  IMF 2K/4K/8K Profile
  • Grayscale up to 16,384 colors
  • Pixel Bit Precision: 1 to 16 bits
  • Maximum Image Size: 8192 x 6224 pixels
  • Supports reversible and non-reversible conversions


  • Supports Digital Cinema 2K/4K Profile
  • Image type: 3-component color image/grayscale image
  • Maximum image size: 4096 x 3112
  • Pixel Bit Precision: 8/10/12 bits
  • Supports reversible conversion/non-reversible conversion
  • Rate Control : configurable 2 to 50 times compression ratio