One-Segment Media Engine Software

Product Overview

This software provides a solution for one-segment broadcasting (ARIB TR B14).
This software is possible for one-segment playback on low-performance devices.


  • One-segment video / audio solutions can be provided as a package.
  • Implemented with TMC video / audio decoder with abundant track record in mobile phones, etc.
  • High speed and low CPU load by efficient numerical calculation
  • High portability due to optimization with standard C code
  • Optimized for the various processors and system platforms (ARM, MIPS, SH, DSP, etc.)


De-multiplexer MPEG-2 TS packet data (ARIB TR B14 Ver. 3.0)
Video Decoder H.264/AVC
Video Output RGB, YCbCr 4:2:0
Audio Decoder AAC-LC, AAC-SBR
Audio Output PCM
  • Subtitles, program listings, data broadcasting (excluding browsers), channel scanning, emergency alert broadcasting automatic switching
  • Compatible with YCbCr/YUV

Application examples

One-segment solution can be realized without adding the dedicated hardware for video / audio processing.
Example of operating environment
CPU : 32 bit RISC, Video : QVGA 15 fps (192 kbps), Audio : AAC-SBR 24 kHz (48 kHz)


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