Wind Noise Suppression Software

Product Overview

When making a conversation in outdoor and recording, or shooting a motion using a microphone, the microphone picks up the wind sound which makes difficulty to hear the voice. Attaching a windshield sponge to a microphone could be a solution to avoid such wind noise, but it cannot be applied to a smartphone. As the wind sound hits the microphone has many low frequency components, it may be effective to suppress the low frequency components with a high-pass filter. However, this method suppresses the low frequency components of the sound even when the wind is not blowing.

TMC has developed a software IP that detects the wind noise in real time and instantly reduces the wind noise only when the noise is detected.

Model Number

  • TM1829


  • No patent fees is required taking advantage of an original voice processing technology.
  • Instant wind noise suppression by detecting the wind noise in real time.
  • No signal suppression is made when no wind, since the suppression process is performing only when the wind noise is detected.
  • Parameterized wind noise suppression, that enables adjusting according to the equipment.


Sampling Frequency 8kHz, 16kHz, 24kHz, 32kHz, 48kHz
Input / Output Data Format 16-bit linear PCM (monaural or stereo)
Frame Length 8msec
Strength of Wind Noise Suppression Adjustable in 4 steps (Max. suppression of approx. 20 dB)

Processing Example