ZoomVoice Software

Product Overview

In transcribing the minutes of a meeting from the recording or in a human-machine interface by voice command, ambient voice or noise may make it difficult to hear the desired voice clearly. For this reason, needs for technology that emphasizes only audio in a specific direction is increasing. There is an alternative solution to use a directional microphone, but the cost and size are major issues.

TMC has developed and commercialized a software IP that realizes high-quality sound by beam forming and reducing the ambient noise by noise suppressor for the sound picked up by two inexpensive omnidirectional microphones.

Model Number

  • TM1839


  • No patent fees are required taking advantage of using an original voice processing technology.
  • Improvements of voice recognition rate and speech intelligibility in recording are possible.
  • Excellent cost performance that can process the sound picked up by two inexpensive omnidirectional microphones.
  • The simple interface that enables to install in a short period of time.
  • Parameterized strength of beamforming and noise suppressor, that enable adjusting according to the devices.


Sampling Frequency 16kHz (compatible for 8kHz, 32kHz, 48kHz)
Input Data Format 16-bit linear PCM, 2 channels
Output Data Format 16-bit linear PCM, 1 channel
Processing Unit 10msec (or 8msec)
Microphones Two omnidirectional microphones
Strength of Beam Forming Adjustable in 7 steps
Strength of Noise Suppression Adjustable in 9 steps


Application Examples