Point-One Low Latency Mobile Video Transmission System

Product Overview

In order to use for “surveillance”, “crime prevention” and “communication”, a mobile tool that transmits the video and audio between the site and headquarters at low bit rate with low latency as 0.1 seconds has been developed.

With a simple design for connecting a smartphone and a PC through the internet line, remote control support can be realized at low cost.




  • Low latency transmission as 0.1 seconds: stress-free communication
  • High video compression technology: Reduction of communication cost with the video compression exceeding 1/1000
  • Remote setting from the viewer: Remote control from the headquarters while checking the video
  • Bi-directional call function: Call with the all connected terminals
  • Image sharpening process: Sharpens the dark and foggy images
  • Communication encryption:  Ensuring the confidentiality with AES 256bit
  • Recording function: Recording with the high image quality on SD card


Specification for Mobile Encoder

  • Smartphone with Android OS 9 or higher
  • 4G /LTE communication
  • Recording function to SD card

Specification for Multi Viewer

  • Windows 10 laptop PC, 64bit version
  • Number of split screens : 4 / 6 / 9 / 10 / 16
  • Thumbnail display, Full screen display
  • Remote setting for mobile encoder


Transmission Latency 0.1 seconds
Video Resolution Max. 1080p (Full screen display)
Video Codec TMC’s original
Video Transmission Rate / Frame rate Select from preset menu
Audio Codec OPUS
Audio Transmission Rate 32 kbps
Transmission Transfer Protocol UDP/IP, TMC’s original packet for low latency
Encryption 256bit AES
Others Bi-directional Intercom Function

WDR (Possible for turning ON / OFF for each channel)



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