“LucidEye” Visibility Improver Software IP


・”LucidEye” improves the visibility of unclear images such as those deteriorated due to weather conditions (snow, haze, or  fog), and dark images due to backlight or insufficient illumination.

・This Software IP is suitable for security, surveillance applications, etc., as well as for improving image recognition rate by AI.


Product Number

  • TM17927 (x86 CPU)
  • TM17937 (ARM CPU)


  • Improves the visibility in various shooting conditions.
  • Real-time operation by high speed processing and low CPU load using efficient numerical algorithm.
  • Easy to integrate into your system with simple interface.
  • Avoids disturbing other operations using fast and low load algorithm.


CPU x86,  ARM Cortex-A
Image size 320×180 ~ 1920×1080


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