LucidEye Visibility Improver

Product Overview

LucidEye improves the visibility of unclear images such as those deteriorated due to weather conditions (snow, haze, or fog), and dark images due to backlight or insufficient light intensity. This system is suitable for security, surveillance applications, etc., as well as for improving images recognition rate by AI.


Product Number

  • TM7050


  • LucidEye can be used as an add-on to various camera systems.
  • The level of visibility improvement can be chosen by the push buttons on the front panel.
  • High speed conversion processing provides the improved images without delay.


Input Interface HDMI
Output Interface HDMI
Video Format 1920 x 1080 60i/59.94i/30p/29.97p/24p
Audio Format Embedded Audio 2ch
Operation Buttons Four buttons from A to D.
・ A to C : Visibility improvement level, H/M/L
・ D          : On/Off for pass through output
Power Supply 12VDC、AC adaptor (100 to 240V compliant) attached
Dimension 5.71 (W) x 4.18 (D) x 2.22 (H) inches
Weight 2.29 lbs (Main unit)
Power Consumption 20 W (Max.)
Operating Temperature Range 32 to 104 °F

Example of Use

Easy to add LucidEye on to the existing camera systems.

More Information

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