Xilinx FPGA Design Kit

Product Overview

The complexity of FPGA-based development is increasing, but the development process needs to be shortened.

This is why TMC has developed the FPGA Design Kit as a tool to support your development, and  provides various samples to shorten the development process.


  • Provides project files so that you can easily customize your FPGA.
  • Provides sample designs (RTL) to reduce the development time for IP peripheral design.
  • Provides sample drivers (source) to reduce the development time for IP embedding.
  • Provides sample applications (source) to shorten the development time for system design.


Target Board KC705
Target IP JPEG Encoder/Decoder (4-pixel/clk)

H.264/AVC intra-frame Encoder/Decoder

Interface Specification HDMI 1.4, PCI Express (x8) 2.0 (Gen 2.0)
Sample Design verilog-HDL
Sample Driver C Language
Sample Application C Language

Block Diagram


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