H.265/HEVC 422 10bit Encoder/Decoder for 4K

Product Overview

H.265/HEVC is a video compression/decompression standard that has been standardized by ISO/IEC. H.265/HEVC, which has a higher compression ratio compare to the current mainstream MPEG2 or H.264/AVC, is expected to become the standard for 4K (3840×2160 pixels) TV broadcasting, which has four times the number of pixels of Full HD that is widely used in ordinary TVs, as well as for high-definition video distribution and video services for mobile devices with limited bandwidth. There are high expectations for H.265/HEVC.
TMC has developed a compact, low-power encoder/decoder that maintains high image quality and performance.

Model Numbers

  • Encoder : TM24725
  • Decoder : TM24726


  • Support up to 4K60fps processing
  • Up to 4K30fps processing is possible on FPGA. (e.g. Arria10 series, Kintex Ultrascale(+) series)
  • The AXI Bus is equipped as standard for external memory access for easy integration.
  • Based on elemental technologies that have been used in digital cameras for many years, we have successful results in high image quality and low power consumption.


Supported Standards Compliant to ISO/IEC23008-2, ITU-T Rec. H.265 standard
Maximum Performance 4K60fps
Image Format YCbCr 4:2:0 / 4:2:2
Image Bit Depth 8 / 10 bits
Output Format Byte stream format (Annex B)
External Memory Interface AXI4

This IP supports both color spaces of YCbCr and YUV.

Application Examples