TM5184ALT H.264/AVC 1080 60p Codec LSI

Product Overview

Demands for real-time transmission systems are increasing for the applications such as remote control and live distribution.
Video compression using a codec is common for video transmission, but the bottlenecks are image quality deterioration, codec delay, and system delay due to transmission occurring during the compression process.
This LSI is a codec LSI that supports H.264 / AVC-Constrained Baseline Profile (CBP), with a low delay, low power consumption, and a processing capacity of up to 1080 60p, and is a single-function LSI that supports multiple channels.


  • Maximum 1080p 60p encoding / decoding processing capacity and  multiple channels support.
  • No heat sink is required because of low power consumption. The low power consumption and compact board design are possible.
    Click here for TM5184MJC system board, TM5184MJ module board.
  • By taking advantage of the low latency in this image processing codec, the delay of the video transmission system can be minimized.
    Please refer to TM5184MJC transfer evaluation kit.
  • Single-function LSI, possible for creating the peripheral parts according to the application.


Codec H.264/AVC-Constrained Baseline Profile
Image Format YCbCr420 8bit *
Multiple Channels Encoding / Decoding Max. 16 channels
Latency Less than 100ms

* Compatible with YCbCr / YUV

Application examples


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