TM5184MJC 1080 60p Codec LSI System Board

Product Overview

As the performance of communication infrastructure improves, the need for low-latency, high-quality video transmission is increasing.

Video compression using a codec is common for video transmission, but the bottlenecks are image quality deterioration, codec delay, and system delay due to transmission occurring during the compression process.

This product is a system board equipped with TMC’s H.264 / AVC codec LSI (TM5184ALT) and 1 Gbit LAN interface, enabling low-latency, high-quality video transmission.
By combining with  PC,  a real-time compressed data storage system can be realized.


  • System development can be done in a short time since the firmware is already installed and various interfaces are built-in.
  • A low power consumption and low delay system board have been realized by optimizing the TMC codec LSI (TM5184ALT) and firmware.
  • The bleeding prevention function equivalent to YCbCr444 is suitable for transmitting the images containing the text information and the fine images such as dots and lines.
  • Various video interfaces can be supported by connecting to  TMC video board or customer’s video board.
    Click here for a Video Input / Output board.
  • According to the equipment specification, support for customization is available on request.
    Board, equipment and system can be developed.


Video Codec H.264/AVC- Constrained Baseline Profile (CBP)
Input / Output Video Size Max. 1920 x 1080 60p
Audio Codec Linear PCM, Audio Codec such as AAC is option.
Interface 1Gb LAN, micro SD (SDHC  compatible), USB2.0 (option)
Video / Audio Input / Output Dedicated connector to Video input / output board
Power consumption 1.5A at 5V




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